Accuracy in Media

There is a new wave of Bill Clinton publicity, from an Esquire magazine cover story calling Clinton someone we can all agree on, to a new four-hour documentary coming to PBS this month, with a heavy emphasis on his sexual dalliances.

Last month I interviewed Marbue Brown, a first-generation immigrant from Liberia, talking about his book, The Clinton Economic Boom and Other Myths of the Clinton Presidency.

Brown’s thesis is that Bill Clinton often gets credit for being the architect of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, and for being the catalyst for the more than 22 million jobs that were created during his time as president. But Brown says that there were other factors at play that ultimately led to the economic boom during the Clinton years, and that several popular beliefs about the Administration’s economic record are founded on myths.

Marbue Brown holds master’s degrees in mathematics and statistics. He worked for more than 20 years in the Information Technology industry, and has held senior positions with Microsoft and Cisco Systems. His mother was president of the University of Liberia.

We began the interview talking about his family background, and the relationship between the U.S. and Liberia. You can listen to the full interview here. (runs approximately 35 minutes)

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