Accuracy in Media

We went to war in Afghanistan because the Taliban were protecting Al Qaeda operatives responsible for 9/11. To the extent that the Taliban continue to protect Al Qaeda, we should continue to fight them. But we as a nation don’t have the financial resources or military personnel to devote to rebuilding Afghanistan. Interestingly, the Washington Post has a story in Wednesday’s paper about the Communist Chinese regime’s growing involvement in United Nations peacekeeping. Actually, the paper reports that only about 2,150 Chinese military and police personnel are deployed in support of U.N. missions. The Post reports that “while increasingly willing to let its soldiers don the blue helmets worn by U.N. peacekeepers, China has shown little enthusiasm for the U.N.-sanctioned mission that currently matters most to Washington — the war in Afghanistan.” The Post suggests Beijing’s reluctance has something to do with NATO’s role in Afghanistan. A better explanation is that the communists who run China have a better sense of their own national interests than U.S. leaders. At this point, the mission is a noble but lost cause. It would be so under Obama or Bush or any other U.S. President.

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