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Cliff Kincaid, Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, appeared on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commandos radio show last week to talk about his recent article, “Media Fret Over the Dangerous World They Helped Create.”

At the heart of Kincaid’s argument is that Edward Snowden, and his mouthpiece Glenn Greenwald, have made the world a more dangerous place by exposing National Security Agency (NSA) secrets and thereby hindering the government’s ability to do its job of protecting the nation. “Well, you’ve got to remember that all of these disclosures have really helped our enemies,” said Kincaid on the show.

The Snowden disclosures have helped the Islamic State and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, in particular. With regards to the Islamic State, “These are terrorist organizations that, because of the disclosures from Edward Snowden through Glenn Greenwald, they have figured out how to evade U.S. surveillance, and that has enabled them to make dramatic inroads into the Middle East,” said Kincaid. “It’s the same reason why Vladimir Putin was able to reach into Ukraine and take over Crimea in February and then move into Eastern Ukraine. We used to have the ability to monitor what our adversaries and enemies were up to and now we’re really behind the eight ball, so to speak, so we’re really on the defensive now against all of these enemies.”

Add to this the President Obama’s policy of arming terrorists, and you risk foreign policy disasters repeating themselves. “Now, as far as Obama’s concerned, his basic policy is he wants to fund some terrorists in Syria in order to fight some other terrorists, in the same way that he funded some terrorists in Libya and then they turned around and attacked our embassy and Annex and killed four Americans at Benghazi,” said Kincaid. Will Syria be Benghazi all over again?

The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi outlined how America switched sides in the War on Terror in its April interim report.

Kincaid contended on the radio show that the mainstream media are likely now experiencing buyer’s remorse after hailing Greenwald and Snowden as heroes. Snowden was and is, in fact, a “Russian spy,” said Kincaid. “Now they [the media] realize that maybe the NSA was really a good agency after all, maybe it did some good things, maybe we do need an intelligence gathering agency to monitor Russia, to monitor the terrorists,” said Kincaid. “Now journalists are probably starting to realize that they are Americans too, and that they would like their and their families’ lives protected, as well,” he said.

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