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General Wesley Clark recently got into trouble for attacking McCain’s military record, stating as follows on CBS’ Face The Nation:

“I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.”


You know, I have to agree with Gen. Clark.  Getting shot down in a fighter jet is NOT, in fact, qualification to become president.  However, what Clark failed to mention was McCain’s other experiences…


Say, as Director of the Navy Senate Liaison Office from 1977-1981; retiring from the military as a Captain. 

Or, as a Congressman for Arizona from 1982-1986.

Also, as a U.S. Senator for Arizona for over 20 years- 1986-2007; and chairing the powerful Senate Commerce Committee during this time. 


So sure, McCain’s POW status doesn’t qualify him for president.  I’d say its the 20+ years in the Senate, or the 4 years in Congress, or the sum of his military career that qualifies him for the position.  And personally, I’d rather have a Commander in Chief that understands the brutalities of war from personal experience take care of our troops in Iraq. 

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