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During last night’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews interviewed Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

“Let me help you on this to the extent I as a journalist can help you,” Matthews interjected as Warren was in the middle of answering a question. He came to her aid by providing a figure that compared the median family wealth from 2007 with 2010, which, according to Matthews, demonstrated how the people of Massachusetts “get screwed by the W. [Bush] administration.” Matthews went on to extol Warren as one of the “real life people” who are talking about this issue.

The Hardball host then touched on the ongoing Senate race between Warren and Republican Scott Brown, which Matthews referred to as “the best fight in America.” He continued to sympathize with Warren, while criticizing Brown.

“In economic terms, I can’t argue with a single thing you’ve said. I understand it completely. You’re the populist, you’re the Democrat. He’s the Republican; he’s there with the elite. He’s getting money from them, you’re not. The President’s not, Romney is.”

Matthews also expressed his fear that the demographic represented by the “Red Sox fans” and the people who “voted for the Kennedys all those years” may feel out of touch with the “Ivy league” Democratic politicians. He gave Warren a brief moment on his show to convince these people to vote for her despite the “wine and cheese elitism” that, as Matthews claims, many have seen as pervading throughout the Democratic Party.

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