Accuracy in Media

Senator Barbara Boxer said gun control laws worked in California, but we need more gun control laws for it to continue to work. Huh?

“When you ask such a question, you’re basically saying, ‘Why bother?’” Boxer said. “That is not what leaders do. They don’t just hide because you may not win the vote. You keep doing it. I’ll give you one statistic. In California, since the ’90s, we have passed a number of important gun safety laws, and over that period of time, we’ve had a reduction in gun violence of 56 percent.

“Now clearly, what we see is this is not enough. That’s why we need national laws. That’s why I’m looking forward to Sen. Feinstein’s reintroduction of some form of her assault weapon ban. But the fact is sensible gun laws work. We’ve proven it in California, and we’re not going to give up. If you look at all the great fights that we’ve had over decades before we were even here on major social issues, on anti-pollution issues, these things take 10, 20 years. You don’t give up.”


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