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Bush, Obama Gitmo Detainees Return to Battle and Trump Tweeted about it

Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama released Guantanamo Bay (also known as “Gitmo”) detainees, and unfortunately, many of them have returned to battle and fight. Per The Hill’s reporting [1]:

According to the updated data [2] released Tuesday, the intelligence community has confirmed that a total of 121 former detainees have re-engaged in terrorism.

That number is a one-person drop since the previous report, released in September, which listed 122 detainees as confirmed terrorists.

The new report also found that two more detainees released by former President Barack Obama [3] are suspected of reengaging in terrorism, bringing the total of suspected terrorists to 87.

President Donald Trump blasted the detain-and-release program started under President Bush in a tweet:

Photo by Justice & Witness Ministries, UCC [5] [6]