Accuracy in Media

ABC News focused on the rise in gun violence in Chicago, which has strict gun control laws and thereby restricts law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. However, buried in the article is a telling statement from the Chicago police superintendent:

And an increase in the reluctance by law enforcement to engage in proactive, violence prevention policies. Such hesitancy, Cohen [an ABC News contributor] said, is because “officers of various ranks are worried they will respond to a split-second decision and end up being the next person blasted all over the media and will lose their job.”

Officers respond to their calls for service and do what they can, Cohen said, but they are “hesitant to be proactive” and “target violent criminals.” Criminals sense any hesitancy, Cohen said, and believe they are less likely to be stopped.

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson told the AP recently that officers have become more careful, partly because they’re concerned about viral videos.

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