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You might think, based on the careers interrupted by Big Government and Big Hollywood, that new media genius Andrew Breitbart is out to get the Obama administration and its political allies. But Breibart would be the first to tell you otherwise.

His real target is the media — or the “Democrat-media complex,” as he called it in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Breitbart said the strategic release of ACORN/child prostitution videos as part of Big Government’s launch “wasn’t just a means to defend against the media’s desire to attack the messenger. It was also a means to attack the media and to expose them … for the partisan hacks that they are.” The same was true of Big Hollywood’s coverage of a political scandal at the National Endowment for the Arts.

Both stories led to the firings of employees and damaging blows to the reputations of the organizations involved, but Breitbart is a media man and has always had a bigger target in mind. Here’s what he told the Journal:

At every step of the way, we were correct. At every step of the way, the mainstream media took the lies of ACORN. At every step of the way, the mainstream media attempted to cover up for Acorn. …

If they think that ACORN or the Democratic Party or the NEA or the [White House] Office of Public Engagement is the primary target, they couldn’t be more wrong. It is the Democrat-media complex. It is the mainstream media. No jury would need more evidence at this point.

The Clark Hoyts of the world should just put their pens down and retire right now and walk away. They lost.

Breitbart may be optimistic in thinking the war is over. After all, the media just this week cost conservative talker Rush Limbaugh the chance at part ownership of the St. Louis Rams by regurgitating slanderous lies about him, and most of them offered no apology for their serious breaches of journalistic ethics. (Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic was the exception.)

But with every passing week, the establishment media lose favor with the public. Upstart outlets like those built by Breitbart on the right and Josh Marhall on the left, meanwhile, are gaining loyalty from readers and viewers who realize that openly activist journalists are more trustworthy than those who feign objectivity yet repeatedly violate their own code of ethics.

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