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In a recent Daily Beast article, organizations within the Koch network confirmed that their stance on the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) is to pass a bill in Congress similar to it, instead of getting rid of the Obama-era executive order altogether.

Spokesman for the network’s Hispanic grassroots organization, Libre Initiative, Brian Faughnan, affirmed the networks’ stance, pointing out one of their representatives, Marilinda Garcia, will push for DACA-like legislation:

“She (and we) have always made our views clear on immigration,” Faughnan said. “With the recent action on DACA/Dreamers, she’ll be encouraging lawmakers to act as expeditiously as possible on a bipartisan fix that allows Dreamers to remain here, achieve their potential, [and] help build a stronger nation.”

Considering that the network is libertarian, which is an ideology commonly promoting pro-free market and pro-immigration principles, it is not shocking news. However, for Breitbart, this news was apparently shocking, if their headlines were to be believed.

In Breitbart’s article, which was entitled, “Koch Brothers Line Up with DACA Illegals to Pressure Republican Congress to Pass Amnesty”, author Ian Mason blasted the Koch network for their pro-immigration stance. The author wrote that the Koch network had “stepped up their pro-illegal alien rhetoric” this past April, and said that the network was a part of the “Koch political empire.”

But, a couple paragraphs into the article is the admission that this really is not shocking news:

The Koch amenability to open borders and amnesty is nothing new. For example, in 2013,the pair sponsored a Buzzfeed “Immigration Summit” featuring the likes of admitted illegal alien Jose Antonia Vargas and a half dozen other open borders fundamentalists with only the most token immigration restrictionist opposition. In 2016, Charles Koch compared then-candidate Donald Trump’s immigration proposals to “Nazi Germany.” Even left-wing presidential candidate phenomenon Bernie Sanders came to refer to open borders as “a Koch brothers proposal” during his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

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