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AIM is very proud today of our selection last year of Andrew Breitbart for the Reed Irvine Journalism Award.  He did a fantastic job of exposing the agenda of MSNBC, part of which is to make conservatives out to be racists. They frequently do that with the Tea Party and with most conservative journalists and politicians. That is their M.O.  He appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday afternoon on the Martin Bashir show, supposedly to discuss his new book, Righteous Indignation. Instead, Bashir chose to use the opportunity to attempt to smear Breitbart as a racist. Bashir obviously wasn’t interested in the facts, or in whatever Breitbart had to say. He constantly interrupted Breitbart, and when Breitbart fired back at the premise of the questions, or the implications, Bashir would fall back into a subject that he thought he had the smoking gun to prove that Breitbart was a racist. But it was nothing of the sort. In fact it showed quite the contrary. The subject was over how Breitbart’s website had used a video clip of Shirley Sherrod, a then-USDA official, who was forced to resign after the clips were shown.

I’m not going to rehash the dispute at this point. I urge everyone, and particularly anyone interested in hearing the two sides of the story, to watch the 14 minutes of video from this afternoon’s show. Media Matters, which as Breitbart points out, often, and in this case, probably provided the talking points for Bashir, has this interview on their website, and says that “Breitbart Melts Down.” We watched it and say, “Bashir Melts Down,” and was utterly unconvincing to anyone who listened to what the two parties actually said.

Another issue that Bashir brought up was Breitbart’s belief in the theory posited by Jack Cashill, in his new book Deconstructing Obama, that President Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from My Father, was most likely written by the unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers, an early associate of Barack Obama’s in his Chicago years. I recently interviewed Cashill about this, and totally agree with Breitbart that, after reading the detailed case made by Cashill, I agree that it is most likely true.

I urge everyone to watch this video to gain a better understanding of Andrew Breitbart, and MSNBC, today’s Ground Zero of the liberal media.

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