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Birth Control Pills Creating a Race of Eunuchs?

It’s an actually interesting question and a good take [1] by Darryl Savage. Also, watch out for NSFW language.

“You look around the more educated environs of America—colleges, the coasts, the enclaves of the creative classes—and you’ll find more and more Pajama Boys of the Vox variety: Men who look more like boys than men. Men who look like weakling boys—the kind that got the [crap] kicked out of them in middle school, and who whined to their mommies about it.”

“In fact, look around, more and more men are acting more and more like neutered . . . things. Soft of body, round of face, high-pitched in their speech, and always so tentative. They come across more like beaten-down eunuchs than free men.”