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Former President Bill Clinton told talk show host Trevor Noah on Tuesday night that while he supported the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va for how she handled her request to Sarah Sanders to leave her establishment, that he also had respect for the manner in which the White House Press Secretary handled the incident.

Clinton recalled an incident at a church he attended with his family when he was president and being yelled at by a parishioner for not doing enough about AIDS and compared it to what happened to Sanders.

“You ask yourself, well, should you go from there to asking her to leave the restaurant? That’s a decision for the restaurant owner to make. What I’d like to point out is would it be better if that didn’t happen? I think it would,” Clinton said. “But you know, A lot of poison has been poured down America’s throat since that 2016 campaign started… So it’s hard to pour poison down other people’s throat and not have some of it come back up and bubble up.”

Clinton went on to say that while he had “a lot of respect” for the restaurant owner for how she debated what to about Sanders, he also praised the Press Secretary for the way she handled the incident.

“But I also had a lot of respect for the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled it,” Clinton continued. “I mean, she was very dignified. She didn’t chew them out. She didn’t pitch a fit. She didn’t call them you know, immigrant-loving thugs or whatever. She just got up and left and offered to pay.”

Clinton added that if the administration wants to have more civility, they need to stop the name calling and take the lead as he has done.

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