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The Wall Street Journal today reported President Barack Obama has decided to give up fighting for “change” in Washington, instead acquiescing to the demands of the Democrat controlled Congress.

During his campaign, BHO promised to curb earmarks. He promised to end the use of presidential signing statements—a president’s way of rejecting parts of a bill without entirely vetoing it—something President George W Bush did very often. WSJ reports he even promised to open an investigation of Bush’s 1,200 signing statements.

But, today, BHO decided to break both promises when he signed the omnibus spending bill into law. The bill contains more than 8,500 pork barrel earmarks worth over $7.7 billion in tax dollars. Apparently, those earmarks weren’t worth curbing—that is, except for five provisions—including one, WSJ reports, that tries to prevent “punishment of whistleblowers.” Those received the dreaded signing statements.

When pressed by David Axelrod to outright veto the bill, our still wet-behind-the-ears president stated, “We can’t have Congress bogged down at this critical juncture in our economic recovery…But I also view this as a departure point for more far-reaching change.”

So, let me get this straight. Barack Obama is President of the most powerful country in the world. He was the leader and spokesman for one of the most profound social movements in recent history. And he ran a non-stop campaign for the highest office in the land for two straight years. But after a mere 51 days in office, when handed a bill riddled with everything he campaigned against, instead of fighting for tangible change in Washington, BHO acquiesced to the increasingly unethical demands of the Pelosi-Reid Congress. 

Mr. President, 53% of Americans voted you into office because they saw you as someone who would straighten out the outrageous tax and spend methods in Washington DC. They saw you as someone who related to their concerns, and would serve the people—workers, families, students, etc.—before the politicians. You haven’t even gotten out of your honeymoon period and you’re already proving too weak to reign in Congress. If these 51 days are a precedent for what to expect it’s going to be a tough four years.


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