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In case you weren’t already sure that Hollywood was in bed with liberal politicians, POLITICO’s blog recently reported that Beyonce Knowles will “absolutely” campaign for Obama again, as she said during an interview with Piers Morgan.

“I think he’s doing a great job. I think he’s fantastic. I think he needs another term, he needs more time,” Beyonce said.

In the interview, Beyonce reflects back to a nostalgic time—when hope and change were in much abundance. She shares her memories of the historic night of Obama’s Inauguration, at which she was front and center.

Morgan created an open platform to reflect upon the occasion of electing the first black President.  He completely fails to address any of the realities and false promises from the current Administration and instead attempts to bring us back to the glory days of “Hope” and “Change” of 2008.

Piers’ failure to address the current Administration’s shortcomings, and arguable campaign lies, shows his obvious bias and attempt to overlook the negative.

The U.S. has an ever present budget problem that the President has yet to come to the table and discuss, unemployment exceeds 9%, military action has only increased since he entered office, not to mention that he failed to consult Congress within 90 days of the start of military actions in Libya, thus breaching the War Powers Act.

The reality of the Obama Administration is more than the liberal media and Hollywood can swallow, to say the least. This ‘Pop Political Complex’ instead chooses to remember a better time, when the status quo was being challenged, promises of transparency were made, and it was cool to wear an Obama t-shirt.

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