Accuracy in Media

According to CBS News, Bernie is waiting for more concessions from Hillary’s camp before endorsing her:

Despite declaring that he would vote for Hillary Clinton in November’s general election, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders maintained that he still isn’t ready to endorse his primary race rival.

Asked what it would take to throw his support behind Clinton, Sanders told “CBS This Morning” that “it’s not a question for me. We got 13 million votes, we got in virtually every primary and caucus the vast majority of young people – people 45 years of age or younger, and what those voters are saying to the establishment, to Secretary Clinton — ‘Hey are you gonna stand up for us? Are you gonna raise the minimum wage in fact to 15 bucks an hour?'”

When pressed why he hasn’t endorsed her yet, the Vermont senator responded: “Because I have not heard her say the things that I think needs to be said.”

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