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The California secretary of state’s office on Tuesday certified that a ballot measure that would divide California into three separate states after it had received more than 402,468 valid signatures.

“Therefore, pursuant to Elections Code section 9033, the initiative measure is eligible for the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot and all further signature verification can be terminated,” the office announced.

If the measure is approved by voters it would divide California into California, Northern California, and Southern California.

California would consist mostly of six coastal counties including Los Angeles and Santa Barbara; Northern California would be comprised of 40 counties including the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, and Southern California would contain 12 counties including San Diego and Fresno, which is more central than south.

Even if the measure passes it would face a stiff challenge in receiving the California state legislatures approval as well as Congress.

The measure is backed by billionaire tech investor Tom Draper–who failed twice to get his SIX Calfornia’s measure approved.

Draper believes that his plan would allow for “more local, better representation.” and that is so large that it has become “nearly ungovernable.”

A SurveyUSA poll found that just 17 percent of Californians back the measure.

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