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The media, often a mouthpiece for the Left and the Democratic Party, has mostly accepted that the GOP tax reform law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is gaining favorability as time goes on and as Americans see more money in their paychecks. Still, the law’s successes have not deterred the media in their struggles to rail against the tax law.

To point out the media’s inconsistency on tax cuts issues, pro-free market organization Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce published a list of quotes from Democratic Party politicians and their flip-flops on cutting the corporate tax rate.

For example, Nancy Pelosi said the following (taken from the published list):

THEN: “It is long past time for tax reform that would lower the corporate rateclose special interest loopholes, end costly tax expenditures, and ensure all Americans are paying their fair share.” (Press Release, “Pelosi Statement On Treasury Department Action To Limit Corporate Inversions,”Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, 4/5/16)

NOW: “Pelosi criticized the Republican tax cut at her weekly press conference on Jan. 11. ‘There is up to at least a $1.3 trillion tax break for corporations unpaid for,’ she said. Her office said she was referring to the cut in the corporate tax rate.” (Eugene Kiely, “Pelosi Inflates Tax Cuts,”, 1/12/18)

At the time of the publishing of this blog post, the media has not done investigative work to research the flip-flops of Democratic Party politicians on tax-related issues such as cutting the corporate tax rate.

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