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As the national unemployment rate rose to 9.2%, the Associated Press story on the jobs report mentioned neither President Obama nor the fiscal stimulus that passed in early 2009. Instead, the AP placed blame for slower hiring on “companies” which “are adding fewer workers despite record cash stockpiles and healthy profit margins.”

While neglecting to note that over $700 billion was spent by the federal government on a series of allegedly employment-saving “shovel-ready projects” that even President Obama now admits were not so, the AP projects that “there are signs that economy could improve in the second half of the year.”

The AP notes that unnamed “economists” argue that “temporary factors” including “high gas prices” and “supply-chain disruptions stemming from the Japan crisis” are forcing companies to restrict hiring.

The only mention of government activity in the economy in the AP report concerns changes to government employment, which “cut 39,000 jobs.”

Only the final paragraph of the 700-plus word report tells the true story of the Obama economic “recovery.” The AP notes, “The economy would need to grow 5 percent for a whole year to significantly bring down the unemployment rate. Economic growth of just 3 percent a year would hold the unemployment steady and keep up with population growth.”

Additionally, other policies the Obama Administration is pursuing are putting even more private sector jobs at risk. For example, in its quest for “green jobs” it has yet to create, the federal government is putting real ones on the endangered species list.  “American Electric Power has announced that new EPA regulations will force it to close five coal-fired power plants, pay for expensive retrofits for at least a dozen more, eliminate 600 jobs, and substantially increase the price it charges for electricity,” James M. Taylor reports in the June 2011 issue of Environment & Climate News. “AEP’s announcement came on the heels of a National Economic Research Associates Inc. report finding that EPA’s new regulations will cause an 11.5 percent increase in U.S. electricity prices above baseline projections and will kill 144,000 jobs by the year 2020.”

“AEP relied entirely on government data for most of its assumptions.” Environment & Climate News is published by the Chicago-based Heartland Institute.

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