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Anti-Trump New York Times Columnist Defends Trump Dossier, but is Light on Facts

President Donald Trump has many critics, and also many supporters. It appears that New York Times columnist Bret Stephens is a critic of the president with his recent column defending the ‘Trump dossier,” which was commissioned by a research firm named Fusion GPS and the primary work conducted by a former British intelligence officer named Christopher Steele.

Stephens, in his latest column [1], defended former FBI director Robert Mueller’s probe into the dossier, but apparently misstated several important facts in his column. He made the blanket assertion that all of the dossier’s claims were verified by U.S. intelligence, when that is untrue:

There’s more of this, but you get the point: The suggestion that the Steele dossier has been discredited is discreditable to the point of being dishonest.