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A source on the ground at the convention in San Francisco today told me that the California Republican Party (CRP) banned the sale of the above sticker which has a picture of Hillary Clinton on it. The CRP also banned the sale of stickers which said “Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver.”

Both stickers were being sold by DC-based Accuracy in Media (AIM) which has been a vendor at the CRP convention for 25 years with no complaints. I’ve been told that the CRP banned the stickers because of negative media attention last year after another vendor was selling Hillary Clinton KFC Special buttons that some in the media attacked as being sexist.

The vendor last year had been selling that button for the past few years with no problem. One media source complained that the KFC theme wasn’t even original, that it had been done in Australia recently. That writer must not have been around American politics much during the early part of the Clinton administration because I personally remember identical Hillary items, and maybe even lines in stump speeches, from then.

It appears the CRP is letting the media dictate what can and can’t be sold, which my source called “disgusting” and “feckless.”

AIM sold both the Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver sticker and the Hillary sticker at CPAC last weekend outside DC. They sold out of their initial batch of the Hillary sticker at CPAC and had to restock. You can buy the Hillary sticker online.

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