Accuracy in Media

In a special election in late May, a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Jane Corwin, lost to Democrat Kathy Hochul in what most considered to be a blue-collar, Republican district in upstate New York. The liberal media spun this as proof that the majority of Americans are for Obama’s nationalization of medical care and against Congressman Paul Ryan’s alternative plan which includes vouchers to allow people more flexibility in picking their medical insurance.

What the liberal media ignore is that the Democrat winner got only 47% of the vote and the two supposed conservative candidates got a combined 53%, Corwin (43%) and the Tea Party candidate (9%). The Tea Party candidate was a wealthy former Democrat and fake conservative who spent $3 million and got into the race to draw off enough votes from the Republican to enable the Democrat to win. Democrat devious, dirty tricks have started early.

Corwin was an attractive but weak candidate from inherited wealth, which did not go over well in this blue collar district. Her predecessor, a very capable man, got elected with 76% of the vote, so her loss had more to do with the voters’ perception of her rather than the issues.

As for Congressman Paul Ryan’s health care plan, it keeps all benefits for those already in Medicare. The Obama misnamed ‘Affordable Health Care Act’ passed last year reduces existing benefits to seniors by over $500 billion according to his own Office of Management and Budget!

Facts are facts. Of course if you are uninterested or too philosophically close minded to be intellectually honest, you will continue to be fooled by catchy slogans and fear based demagoguery.

For example, you can pontificate that only supply and demand causes gasoline prices to go up or down and that government has no ability to affect prices. You can ignore the impact of President Obama’s stopping offshore drilling in the Gulf and the resulting reduced supply of oil and gas as having nothing to do with the more doubling of gasoline prices since Obama took office.

You can pretend that the increased cost of energy and resulting increased transportation costs of just about everything has nothing to do with the 57% increase in food prices since Obama was elected.  If you are the government you can publish statistics showing that there is almost no inflation by excluding the increased cost of the most basic necessities, food and energy.

You can claim that massive government stimulus spending has helped improve the economy even though common sense and knowledge of history have shown that taking money from productive businesses and workers has caused more unemployment every time it has been tried in the past 100 years.

You can ignore that there are fewer adults working in this country (58%) than at any time in our history and say we are in an economic recovery. That means 42% of adult Americans do not have paying jobs! There is officially 9.1% unemployment with underemployed accounting for another 17.4%, according to the Department of Labor. They do not count the people who have quit looking as unemployed. Yet we are told we are in a recovery.

You can do all these things and feel morally superior by trying to convince yourself that Obama and the liberals care about the little guy and are trying to help their fellow Americans.  But unless you look at what liberal policies have done to this country, you have your head firmly planted in the sand with the rest of the ostriches.

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