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Eric Reid, an NFL safety, joined former teammate Colin Kaepernick in suing the league for collusion.

Reid, and Kaepernick in his own lawsuit, allege that NFL owners colluded not to hire Reid or Kaepernick because they knelt in protest during the national anthem on the grounds that it would be “bad business” for the league and the team owners.

Reid joined Kaepernick in the protests in San Francisco. Neither is currently playing in the NFL, and their suits blame that on the unpopularity of their protests among NFL fans and President Donald Trump.

NBC Sports writer Mike Florio said he supports Reid’s right to protest and said the owners gave NFL players the right to protest.

Reid and Kaepernick have legitimate grievances on their alleged punishment (unemployment), Florio said, because the owners gave the players a right to protest and then took it back when it became unpopular.

Still, the writer ignores the protests’ role in declining ratings, which affects owners’ bottom line.

Reid and Kaepernick affected the league’s perception among its fans and source of revenue, which is what matters most to owners.

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