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Back on January 29 I called out Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times for her biased coverage of the stimulus bill votes in the House. Apparently, calling her out once wasn’t enough.

Today, Janet Hook and cohort Peter Nicholas regurgitated another piece of left-wing propaganda in the LA Times, this time not even including the opposition’s argument.

In “Obama Goes on the Offensive”, Hook and Nicholas begin by describing how a sitting president has never reverted back to the campaign tactics that got him into office, and how unprecedented President Obama’s plans are to appear on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

Never mind that turning to such measures show signs of desperation.

Next, the two “reporters” site how the Obama Administration is working closely with partisan attack groups like and the newer Americans United for Change. Hook and Nicholas begin with the transcript of AUC’s most recent commercials, accusing Congressional Republicans of simply opposing the left’s legislation without offering alternatives of their own.

This wouldn’t be so terrible had these so called journalists done their homework and called out AUC for its blatant lie.

But they didn’t.

Not unexpectedly, they completely omitted all of the opposition’s voice from their “report”. A simple Google search on the stimulus package would have turned this up to discredit the hit piece: a coalition of fiscally conservative non-profits’ efforts to publicize the size and scope of the stimulus package House Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s Five Point Plan to revitalize the economy, instead of the tax and spend legislation currently on the House floor the entry from a politically moderate blog that reports on the GOP alternative to the stimulus a mainstream news outlet that reports on the GOP alternative to the stimulus CNN’s reporting on the GOP alternative to the stimulus

To ad insult to injury, Hook and Nicholas use the entire second half of their article to advertise the left’s political action plan. They promote the DNC internet attack ads against the GOP; they regurgitate an e-mail sent to Obama’s campaign supporters to convince legislators to support a $3.6 trillion budget; they even publicize the Democrats’ plans to start canvassing efforts!

Janet Hook and Peter Nicholas didn’t write a news report; they wrote a Democrat puff piece. The fact that their editors didn’t do anything to stop this diatribe from being published is pure ridiculousness.

Send e-mails to Janet Hook and Peter Nicholas and remind them that they are reporters, not campaigners.
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