Accuracy in Media

From the American Action Forum:

The White House this week announced President Trump’s intention to raise the defense budget by $54 billion, which on its surface sounds like a step toward fulfilling his campaign promise to rebuild the American military. In reality, however, the additional funding is an insufficient increase to address the military’s readiness crisis caused by successive years of cuts to the defense budget during the Obama Administration.

The Trump Administration touted the $54 billion plus-up as a 10 percent increase in defense spending—but the numbers do not necessarily add up. Trump’s proposal would bring the defense budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) up to $603 billion…

Recovering from the damage done by a 25 percent cut to the defense budget in recent years will require significant and sustained reinvestment. Overcoming shortfalls in military readiness and modernization will not be cheap, but it will be necessary to meeting the current and future national security challenges. The true 10 percent increase for FY18 recommended by defense leaders in Congress would be a good start—and it would certainly be far preferable to the president’s proposed 3 percent increase.

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