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During a leadership seminar on Capitol Hill, Fox News National Security Analyst Kathleen “KT” McFarland pressed an issue that is repeatedly ignored in Washington: the Iranian threat. She posed the question, “Why does this concern us?”

Her first reason included the well being of America’s greatest ally in the Middle East: Israel. “We care because we have a commitment to Israel; we are going to need to help them re-arm,” during what she predicts as the coming of the Third Intifada when the Palestinians ask for statehood at the UN General Assembly this September. The UN will most likely grant the request and even if President Obama does not recognize the state, the countries bordering Israel will be ready to attack. Hamas, Hezbollah and The Muslim Brotherhood already have Iranian backing, noted McFarland, who has worked in national security posts under three presidents.

What about Israel? McFarland fears that if and when the Muslim Brotherhood wins the Egyptian election, its citizens will call for more American aid at the same time that Israel does. This would be especially perilous if the latter is faced with an imminent external threat. If this situation occurs, she is nervous that President Obama will handle the issue in a “bipartisan” approach and not give aid to either country. This leaves Israel in too vulnerable a state as it confronts opposition on every border as previewed by Nakba day, “the catastrophe.”

Her anxiety is rooted in Obama’s compromising decisions. For example, the day he “pulled the rug from under Mubarak’s feet, greatly concerning Saudi Arabia, who would not answer a phone call from the White House,” and only agreed to opening lines of communication when Defense Secretary Robert Gates trekked to Saudi Arabia and waited for hours to be seen and to grovel. The recent presidential announcement that called for Middle East negotiations to be based on pre-1967 borders only distanced the Obama Administration from Israel.

All of this could have potentially been avoided, as McFarland mentions, if President Obama intervened in Iran’s “green revolution” in 2009 when Iranians protested the Islamic Republic and when the American government remained silent as Ahmadinejad killed the innocent protestors. The analyst contrasted President Obama’s reaction to that of President Reagan who expressed support of Solidarity in Poland when the communist government cracked down on the Polish trade union.

If Obama had really been “Reaganesque,”  McFarland suggests that the countries involved in the Arab Spring would not have destabilized or encouraged the Palestinian infiltration and Iran’s ability to fund terrorism would have been stifled.

If the President continues to ignore Iran, Israel will be left to battle a ground invasion and nuclear war, alone.

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