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Al Gore was accosted by some protesters at a recent speech:


The group, We are Change Chicago, pulled it all together.  Multiple activists from the group asked Gore uncomfortable questions, including why the IPCC hasn’t published any data on sunspots, and if Gore had heard of the 30,000+ scientists who are trying to sue him for fraud.  Each time, the activists were escorted out by security for merely asking the questions.  Gore did not deem them worthy of response.

We are Change report:


The press was waiting outside Borders. They wanted to find out who this group was, that dared question what the elite had forced us to consume as truth. WBBM news radio, 780, ran a sound bite of WAC Chicago, WGN news ran footage, Medill Reports wrote an article, and blog posts were popping up all over the internet about the Al Gore confrontation in Chicago. Many also asked about the footage of WAC Chicago chasing after Gore’s SUV after the event. You will find all of it in this video. Al Gore was confronted multiple times in line, outside the event as he rushed to his waiting Mercedes SUV, (were you expecting something electric?), and once again in the streets of Chicago. We Are Change had people outside with signs, banners, fliers, and DVDs.  Activists were inside asking questions and demanding answers; the world is waking up, it’s a great time to be alive.


A complete, 6-minute long video of the protest can be found on their website.


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