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Accuracy in Media’s Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, Cliff Kincaid, appeared on the Fox News Talk Alaska’s Tom Anderson Show on July 20 to discuss his recent article, “Why They Can’t Stop Trump.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments on the crimes committed by illegal immigrants within the United States and John McCain’s war record have invited criticism from those on both the right and the left. However, Trump’s politically incorrect tactics have garnered him more, not less, support from many Americans. A recent poll shows that he now has a strong lead over other Republican presidential candidates.

“People, generally, in the conservative moment, they hate liberal media and they want to see somebody fight back,” said Kincaid on The Tom Anderson Show. “They want to see somebody who can reject political correctness.”

“Now, as I point out in the article [on July 20], the reason [John] McCain lost in 2008 and Mitt Romney lost in 2012, is they were too politically correct,” Kincaid argued. “They didn’t want to appeal explicitly to the white conservative Christian vote. And, consequently, a lot of those people just didn’t turn out. And we’ve had almost two terms now of Barack Obama, who is really an outspoken Marxist.”

Kincaid noted in his AIM column that, for the media, it is acceptable for Democrats to appeal to the black and Hispanic vote and for those groups to affirm or protect their racial identities, but that when whites do either “it suddenly becomes racism.”

Accuracy in Media “has a big impact, but we’re up against …far-left outlets that just don’t want to cover these issues, plus, unfortunately and tragically, some conservatives in the media and elsewhere who don’t want to face up to the fact of what is happening here,” said Kincaid. “And I’m just reporting the Trump phenomenon objectively, and looking at the statistics, the analyses, and the evidence that he is tapping into what he’s calls the silent majority.”

“And that’s another thing about Trump,” noted Kincaid. “He doesn’t sit back and take it from the liberal media, or the conservative media. He fights back, and people love it because they know there is no fair and balanced media and they want a candidate who’s going to punch them right in the nose!”

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