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AIM’s Director of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Cliff Kincaid, appeared on June 8 on the Restore America’s Mission radio show with Dave Wallace to talk about Kincaid’s recent column “Retired NASA Scientists Take on Pope.”

The Pope is scheduled to release an encyclical on climate change on June 18. This encyclical has already received considerable positive media coverage in anticipation of the possibility. Kincaid reports that “the Vatican document” could be portrayed “as a major step forward for the United Nations agenda of controlling and taxing the use of natural resources by governments and people.”

“Every Catholic out there, even non-Catholics, ought to be very, very concerned because the Pope is putting his credibility on the line,” said Kincaid. “He’s considered to be the most popular person on the face of the earth…and yet he’s using his credibility to push this far-left Marxist-oriented agenda.”

“And then to add insult to injury, Republican House Speaker John Boehner has invited the pope, when he comes to the U.S. in September, to give a speech to the Congress where he’ll probably repeat ad nauseam this climate change agenda.”

However, a group of retired NASA scientists and engineers known as the Right Climate Stuff Research Team has gone public, warning the pontiff that he has been misled about the flawed science behind climate change.

“Now the good news, as I point out in my column…we’ve got a group of retired NASA scientists who are coming forward and trying to persuade the pope at this late date to avoid this disaster,” said Kincaid. “They understand the atmospherics and the scientific calculations of climate. They know how to manage this whole thing and they’re basically saying that the pope is operating on the basis of untested and unreliable models that are predicting a disaster that will never occur…”

Accuracy in Media has reported extensively about the mainstream media’s promotion of flawed climate change data and the catastrophic predictions of climate change scientists. Kincaid weighed in, saying, “And the idea that CO2 is somehow causing all these tornadoes and hurricanes, on and on, ad nauseam, is just ridiculous.”

CO2 is “absolutely essential for life,” he said, “and more of it is probably going to be better, better for everybody, better for the third world.”

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