Accuracy in Media

The Legal Project, an activity of the Middle East Forum, has just published an article titled “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Shameful Attack on Defenders of Freedom.” The piece, by Sam Nunberg and Adam Turner, blasts the SPLC for its “newly released June ‘Intelligence Report’ titled ‘30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right,’” which it describes as “another attempt by the Left to silence those who seek to educate the public on the Islamist threat.” The Middle East Forum is a think tank founded by Daniel Pipes that describes its mission as promoting “American interests in the Middle East and protect[ing] the Constitutional order from Middle Eastern threats.”

Nunberg and Turner point out that the SPLC “lumps together respectable critics of Radical Islam, including World Net Daily Publisher Joseph Farah, founder and president of the American Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney, blogger and activist Pamela Geller, writer Cliff Kincaid, and attorney David Yerushalmi, in with bigoted members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and the New Black Panthers.”

They note that “This report serves as another example of the SPLC further destroying its reputation as an unbiased civil rights observer by maligning respectable critics of Radical Islam as bigoted members of the so-called ‘radical right.’”

We certainly agree with that assessment.

Kincaid, the director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, has been a frequent critic of the SPLC.

While attempting to protect Obama from serious scrutiny into his background, the SPLC labeled communist terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, an associate of the President, “a highly respected figure in the field of multicultural education,” and even promoted an American Indian group that celebrates the killer of two FBI agents.

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