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On his Facebook page Wednesday night, President Trump shared a conversation I had with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump about Accuracy in Media’s work with the new media bias scorecard to mitigate the problems of low trust that many voters have toward the national mainstream news media. Accuracy in Media has been exposing media bias for nearly 50 years, and we are glad to move our work forward in this digital age.

President Trump posted: “91% of news coverage of me is negative. That’s why I expose the mainstream media for what they are – FAKE! If we don’t hold them accountable, we won’t get the truth!” along with the video below:


Lara Trump and I started the conversation discussing the Harvard study the President referred to in his Facebook post showing the overwhelming bias against the Trump administration, far more negative than any of his predecessors under this tracking system.

I also mentioned a “Fox & Friends” appearance that President Trump retweeted last year about how the national media is failing to truly represent We The People.

I spoke about how I studied journalism in college and earned a journalism degree, full of hope and optimism that I would be part of the “Fourth Estate” to hold the three branches of government accountable. Yet my idealism quickly faded after I arrived in Washington in 2005 only to firsthand experience the liberal bias and not-so-hidden agenda common among my fellow reporters in supposedly “objective” newsrooms.

When will the national media learn to truly believe in diversity and inclusion? Right now they believe in a narrow, “thin-clusion” that embraces tolerance and empathy only for people who share their liberal worldview. By definition, this isn’t true diversity, and conservatives will continue to call out their hypocrisy until they learn to read and apply a dictionary.

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