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Hard to believe that a year has passed since our friend Andrew Breitbart passed away. March 1st was the anniversary of his death, and we wanted to join with those who tipped their hats and raised a toast to this dynamic New Media pioneer. Andrew was reviled by the Left, and adored by the Right. We shared a bond with Andrew and his indomitable spirit.

Here, below, is how we want to share in the celebration of his life. It includes an interview I did with him, in which he described his journey from Left to Right, his passions, and some of the more notable controversies in which he was embroiled; his acceptance speech when he received the Reed Irvine Award for Investigative Journalism for exposing the corrupt organization, ACORN; and a tribute video we produced the week he died. I urge you to spend a little time watching, listening and reading—remembering, or getting to know Andrew Breitbart.

The interview with Andrew Breitbart (read the transcript here):

Andrew Breitbart’s acceptance speech:

Tribute video:

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