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Bill Gertz
Bill Gertz

Each year Accuracy in Media presents two awards: one to an investigative reporter, and the other to someone from the new media spectrum. This year, Accuracy in Media presented the Reed Irvine Awards during the Conservative Political Action Conference, on March 6, at The Gaylord Hotel at The National Harbor.

The award for New Media went to Glenn Harlan Reynolds for his Instapundit blog, which began in 2001 as an experiment, and has since become one of the most widely read conservative blogs. Professor Reynolds is one of the most prolific scholars on the University of Tennessee faculty. Accepting the award was a previous winner of the same award, Dana Loesch. Loesch, who was introduced by AIM chairman Don Irvine, is a good friend of Reynolds’s and “a star in her own right,” noted Irvine. She “graciously agreed to come and accept the award in his honor.”

She noted that Reynolds had always been the tip of the spear. “Back during the 90s, early 2000s, Glenn did pork busters, and when everyone was asking what everyone’s asking now: ‘Where was the tea party, where were grassroots, where were all these bloggers during the Bush Administration talking about big spending?’” Loesch said. “Well, Glenn Reynolds was out there, he was chronicling it with his pork busters website.”

AIM editor Roger Aronoff then made some opening comments before introducing Alana Goodman, a former AIM American Journalism Center intern. Goodman is now a staff writer for The Washington Free Beacon and broke the recent story of “The Hillary Papers,” which brought her national attention—not all of which was good. Goodman talked about her time at AIM, and how the opportunities for young, conservative journalists have grown in the few short years she has been in Washington. “So it’s a really exciting time for journalism, and conservative outlets now are not just calling out the media for bias—which AIM has done very well, and a lot of other places have done very well for many years,” said Goodman. “We’re also starting to drive the media and to break news and really add to the conversation.”

And this year’s winner of The Reed Irvine Award for Investigative Journalism was Bill Gertz, Senior Editor of The Washington Free Beacon and National Security Columnist for The Washington Times. He is also the author of six books. Reflecting on Vladimir Putin’s recent actions abroad, Gertz called him a “KGB thug, pure and simple.”

“The KGB was a political police entity that’s number one mission was to keep the Communist Party of Russia in power,” he said. As for the U.S. military, “There’s clearly signs and indications that the Obama administration has taken steps to politicize the military, as they have politicized every other aspect of government. And this is again, something that has been done with the connivance of the mainstream media.”

Gertz believes that the two biggest threats to national security are those of Islamist extremism and Communist China.


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