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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff will be speaking at a very special two-day event on America’s national security and the impact of the veteran voter next Monday, October 10, in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It is the Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC) II, organized by Lieutenant Colonel Ken Benway, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.) and Colonel Dick Brauer, Jr., U.S. Air Force (Ret.). Benway and Brauer are two of the founding members of Special Operations Speaks, as well as members of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi. The title of the event is “America’s Security and the Veteran Voter.” Invited speakers at this conference include decorated warriors, statesmen, and citizens.

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Among the speakers will be Lt. General Jerry Boykin, the vice president of the Family Research Council; Maj. Gen. Sid Shachnow, former Commander of the U.S. Army Special Forces; and CCB member Lt. General Tom McInerney, former Assistant Vice Chief of the U.S. Air Force (Ret.).

Aronoff will be speaking on “Truth: The Glue that Holds It All Together” at 10:45 a.m. on Columbus Day, Oct. 10. He will discuss how journalistic accuracy and impartiality are essential to national security today, and how bias and inaccuracy undermine the Republic. We urge anyone near that area to attend this important event. You can learn more about the two-day event, and register by visiting

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