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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on the Conservative Commando radio show out of Philadelphia last week, to talk about his recent article “Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis.” During the interview, conducted by Rick Trader and former Nevada Senate candidate Sharon Angle, Aronoff said that it seems more than coincidental that the Obama Administration put out an ad for escorts for 65,000 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) last January, before the great influx started. (The Border Patrol now estimates that the government will apprehend 90,000 UACs along the Southwest border by September, according to The Washington Post.)

“It was basically the welcome sign that President Obama put out with his executive order, or memorandum, that he signed in 2012, basically saying that if you get here you’re going to have an extended period, at least two years if you come from a non-contiguous state, meaning not Mexico,” said Aronoff. “Word is, get here now while–Obama couldn’t get the DREAM Act passed so he just did it on his own. So it says get here and you can probably stay here.”

“But at the same time, as I point out, there was a New York Times piece that 240,000 adults have made it across the border during the same time,” said Aronoff. “Many of them were caught, but many of those who were caught were just released to go find a family member and given a notice to come back to the court in 30 days or something.”

“Just the idea that most of them are going to [come back] is absurd and everyone knows it,” continued Aronoff.

But The New York Times is calling this a fake crisis, and the media has been muzzled by Associated Press reporting standards.

The media meme has been that the violence is driving the influx of illegal immigrants. “Look, I’m sure there is violence but it hasn’t changed,” said Aronoff. “That’s not what changed. What changed is our policy here, the policy of the administration, the sort of welcome mat that they put out to say if you get here there’s a great chance that you’re probably not going to have to go back.”

You can listen to the entire interview online here.

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