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The media continue to craft false narratives surrounding a multitude of stories, not the least of which are the supposedly racially motivated police killings of Eric Garner, Ezell Ford and Michael Brown. But while the media over-report on such stories, finding race in every detail, it underreports important developments such as the cover-up of the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

AIM editor Roger Aronoff recently appeared on The Daily Ledger, on the One America News Network, to discuss how the media have been botching their news reporting on Benghazi and the supposedly racially motivated cases of police violence.

“They’ve picked stories like what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the one you just referred to–Ezell Ford in Los Angeles—and, of course, Eric Garner, and there’s really no evidence that any of those were racially motivated,” he said. “Yet they’re using these stories to create this narrative that we have this epidemic of young black men being killed by white policemen.” And, Aronoff added, “we’ve seen what kind of negativity that has created and it resulted in the recent deaths of two New York City policemen right on the streets.”

Instead of calling out the protesters and their leaders for encouraging violence against the police, the “Washington Post provided protest leaders with a chance to point to their disclaimer statements calling for peaceful protests only, and The New York Times merely highlighted the ‘change in tone’ after the attacks,” notes Aronoff in a recent column on “Top 10 Misreported or Underreported Stories of 2014.”

Benghazi made it to the top of the list of AIM’s underreported or misreported stories this year. But the Select Committee on Benghazi has also not investigated with the vigor to date the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi had expected. Aronoff said he was “actually quite concerned about the pace of the hearings, because so far they’ve held two and both of them of them have been on the discredited Accountability Review Board [findings] and they really haven’t started getting to the questions of accountability and calling Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice and others to come actually testify and talk about it.”

“Reporters and pundits argued that this new report proves that Benghazi is a dead-and-buried story and that there is nothing new to learn about the attacks nor the efforts by the Obama administration to cover up the truth of what happened,” writes Aronoff in his column. In truth, “There is a lot still to be learned and there is a lot that we know already that makes this a major, major scandal,” he said on The Daily Ledger.

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