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AIM editor Roger Aronoff recently appeared on The Daily Ledger on the up and coming One America News Network to discuss perceptions of Obama’s job performance, the IRS scandal and the manufactured border crisis. “He is out there getting photo ops when its convenient and denying that he cares about photo ops when that’s convenient, such as when he went to Texas and Rick Perry asked him to come down to the border with him,” said Aronoff on the July 25th edition. “So what we’re seeing is the usual suspects [in the media] continuing to protect and defend Obama, but many of them have started to fade away. I think the thrill is gone for some.”

While the prospect of an impeachment is appealing to some people, Aronoff doesn’t believe that it’s likely. But he did say that the President was, with the complicity of Attorney General Eric Holder, protecting those in his administration who might otherwise be indicted, and “sort of defying Congress to impeach him.”

“That’s really their  [Congress’] only alternative, and I don’t believe, and he doesn’t believe that the country has the appetite or the willingness to impeach America’s first black president,” said Aronoff.

The administration has perpetuated a series of lies, the most recent of which is that the world has become more “tranquil” under Obama, said Aronoff. With a war in Syria, conflict in Gaza, Libya in chaos and our embassy there abandoned again, Iran pushing for nuclear weapons, Russia and its aggression towards Ukraine, the resurgence of terrorists in Iraq, and more, this statement is more than laughable. The Wall Street Journal said earlier this month that the “breadth of global instability now unfolding hasn’t been seen since the late 1970s.”

“…there have been so many lies and misrepresentations by this administration, it’s really quite shocking and we’re seeing that happen on a number of issues,” said Aronoff.

The entire interview can be viewed below:

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