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AIM Editor on Media Coverage of Gaza, Benghazi, and the “Do Nothing Congress” [Video]

The failures of and controversies about President Obama continue unabated. AIM editor Roger Aronoff recently appeared [1] on The Daily Ledger, on the One America News Network, to discuss perceptions of the Israeli-Hamas conflict, recent under-reported developments in the Benghazi scandal [2], and the myth [3] of the “do-nothing Congress.”

“Well, the networks have been very kind to Hamas,” he said. “We’ve now gotten some stories from some reporters, even from The New York Times, who have acknowledged that while they were there they were basically threatened and not allowed to photograph the terrorists or the rockets, and there was such an emphasis on showing children and women—none of the so-called militants, who are really terrorists…”

But many felt that the administration took Hamas’ side when Secretary John Kerry called for a cease-fire [4] that was drafted in a way that met many of Hamas’ demands and consulted Qatar, a chief supporter of Hamas, and the home of Hamas’ “political leader.”

As for Benghazi, several Democrats recently trumpeted [5] that a House Intelligence Committee report finds no evidence of a cover-up in the Benghazi scandal, noted Aronoff. “Now, this is just based on news reports quoting some of the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, but in fact, there’s so much more to this story…” he said. “But what, in fact, has happened here is that the U.S. switched sides in the War on Terror and allowed the flow of weapons to go to al Qaeda and al Qaeda-affiliated groups in Libya,” said Aronoff. “And this is really the heart of the matter.” AIM’s Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi’s  interim report [6] outlines this astounding behavior.

Also, the “do-nothing Congress” myth has been used to give a cover to Obama’s “use and abuse of executive power,” said Aronoff on the show.

The entire interview can be viewed below.