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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared last Friday on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commandos radio show to talk about his end of the year roundup, the “Top 10 Misreported or Underreported Stories of 2014.”

Aronoff’s appearance on Conservative Commandos covered just three of the top 10 stories we’ve chosen this year to highlight. These topics range from Benghazi to unanimous Supreme Court judgments against the Obama administration. The top 10 stories are:

  • Benghazi: The Scandal that Won’t Die
  • Obama’s Cynical Leadership
  • Obama’s Foreign Policy Disasters
  • The Rise of the Islamic State & Islamic Terror
  • Covering Momentous Elections
  • Democratic Civil War
  • Continued Failures of Obamacare
  • How the Media Inflame Racial Tensions
  • Media Portray Israel as the Aggressor
  • Judges Challenge Obama Actions

A number of other stories were also botched by the media in 2014, such as the infamous Rolling Stone rape story, and the media’s decision to ignore the IRS scandal, commented Aronoff: “Yes, there is a narrative that comes to exist on each of these stories that really, when you examine the facts, they don’t support the narrative that the mainstream media is putting out,” he said on the radio show.

Accuracy in Media founded the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi in 2013, and spent this entire last year combatting the media misrepresentations of the ongoing scandal and the administration’s continuing cover-up. To that end the CCB held a press conference and issued an interim report that found that Muammar Gaddafi had offered to abdicate his position as leader of Libya, in March 2011, that the U.S. government rejected, and that the U.S. had deliberately and knowingly facilitated the provision of arms to al-Qaeda linked rebels in Libya.

While these findings did receive some coverage by the news media last year, the media narrative that Benghazi is not—and cannot—be more than a fake scandal persevered throughout 2014. “And, finally, we have the House Intelligence Committee under Mike Rogers come out with a report that at first was hailed by the media as definitive, proving that there was no wrongdoing done by anyone in the Obama administration, but we debunked that very thoroughly,” said Aronoff on the show. For example, CCB Member and former CIA officer Clare Lopez systematically tore apart the report’s findings.

One of President Obama’s continuing foreign policy disasters is the battle against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Aronoff condemned the current number of attacks as constituting little more than a “pinprick” against the jihadists. “He doesn’t want to acknowledge that we’re at war…,” said Aronoff. “But yet this is going on and it’s put us in bed with Iran, because really they’re the ones, the Iranian Shiites fighting ISIS Sunnis, and ISIS is also wanting to knock out Assad in Syria.”

“So, yes, the plan for this to take three years or so, in other words past the time Obama leaves office, is just absurd,” said Aronoff. “And is Iran really any better with their history of supporting terrorism, and their threats to Israel and to their neighbors?”

You can listen to the complete interview here:

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