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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commando radio show on Election Day to talk about his recent columns, “Selling the Illusion of Economic Success to Salvage Elections,” and “Contemplating Election Day, and Beyond.”

In President Obama’s day after the election press conference, he continued to stand by his economic record as a justification for refusing to change course in the aftermath of the thorough drubbing the Democrats took on Tuesday. Things are going so well with the economy now, he explained, why would he want to change? He said last month that while he is not on the ticket anywhere, his policies were, “all of them.” Apparently the voters agreed.

Aronoff pointed out that the figures that Obama boasts about are cherry-picked to paint a false picture of the overall economy. Citing one example, Aronoff talked about why the unemployment rate is a misleading figure, since people leaving the job market after not being able to find a job actually cause the rate to go down. The real number to look at is the Labor Participation Rate, which is the lowest it has been in decades.

You can listen to the full interview here:

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