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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on the Philadelphia Conservative Commando radio show last week to talk about his article “Distorting the Facts About the ‘Do Nothing Congress.’”

In the article Aronoff exposes how The Washington Post reused film footage as a broadcast of its own–presenting, in essence, a White House video press release as news without editorial context.

Yet, despite this, the Post’s Glenn Kessler gave President Obama three Pinocchios for statements similar to those made in the video.

President Obama said in the video that “So far this year, Republicans in Congress keep blocking or voting down just about every idea that would have some of the biggest impact on middle class and working class families.” And, he added, “So, that’s why this year my administration, what we said was, we want to work with Congress, we want to work with Republicans and Democrats to get things going but we can’t wait. So if they’re not going to do anything we’ll do what we can on our own.

“Well, in fact, there are over 300 bills that the House has passed that are sitting in the Senate just waiting to be acted upon…” said Aronoff on the Conservative Commando show.

“So this whole notion that it is the Republicans who are blocking everything from going forward is false, when you look at what has actually happened.”

The President is supposed to be showing more leadership and working with Congress instead of calling for additional executive action, said Aronoff. “And the way this is supposed to work is, the President is supposed to exert some leadership, and once the House passes a bill, then the Senate is supposed to take it up, pass a version of the bill, and it goes to committee, and they go there and they work out the differences, and then bring something to the floor of both the House and Senate that they can pass.” In contrast to what is happening, “the President is supposed to be involved in the process, to push it along in a direction toward something he can sign.” That’s the whole point of a veto threat, and the President’s speeches on legislative issues. But if Senate isn’t going to pick up a bill in the first place, then there’s no point in working with the “fractured” Congress.

“And, again, as we’ve pointed out, the Republicans in the House have been far more productive in this 113th Congress than Harry Reid, [and] the Democrats in the Senate, and President Obama,” contended Aronoff on the show. “In other words, they want this as campaign material to run against the Republicans and to justify his excessive use of executive authority.”

You can listen to the entire interview online here:

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