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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on Wednesday on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commando radio show to talk about his article, “Obama and the Media Attempt to Distance Gruber from Obamacare.”

He spoke about how MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber provoked national controversy with his comment that Obamacare was written in a tortured manner to take advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter.” Although Gruber has since gone on MSNBC to assert that these statements were “off the cuff,” providing a half-apology, Aronoff exposed in two recent articles that the MIT economist has consistently misled the public about Obamacare’s effects, and has repeatedly derided American voters’ economic and political intelligence.

“That’s really one of the amazing things about this to me, is how this guy who was supposedly so smart could go on and say all this stuff about the ‘stupid American voters,’ knowing the cameras were rolling, and just assuming that it wasn’t going to come back to bite him and to bite the administration,” said Aronoff on the Conservative Commando show.

The media have been covering for both Gruber and President Obama. For example, MSNBC’s Steve Benen dismissed the scandal as a “shiny object for the political world to stare at for a while.”

“The media, other than Fox News, largely ignored this story for five or six days,” said Aronoff on the show. “And…NBC News has ignored it for 11 days, before I think it finally got a mention there.”

Incredibly, nearly a week after the story broke, President Obama claimed in a press conference that Gruber was “an adviser who was never on our staff,” and that he had just heard about Gruber’s comments, which he disagreed with.

Aronoff pointed out that President Obama was clearly not telling the truth about his history with and knowledge of Jonathan Gruber.

In addition:

  • Gruber received $4 million from the federal government, out of $6 million total, including from numerous state governments;
  • Gruber visited the White House more than a dozen times between 2009 and 2014;
  • Gruber appeared on camera talking about being in the room with President Obama as health care policy was crafted; and
  • Gruber was used in a 2012 Obama campaign ad.

Given these facts, and the controversy that has exploded, it is unlikely that it took nearly a week for President Obama to learn about Gruber’s comments.

“When Obama is faced with situations like this he lies, and he got very used to it because the media enable him and they rarely ever hold him accountable,” said Aronoff on the show. “Yes, this was Obama’s reaction after the IRS scandal broke. He said he first heard about it at the same time we did… and that has been his modus operandi throughout, and it’s just incredible that he has any credibility left.”

You can listen to the complete interview here:

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