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Our chairman, Don Irvine, was interviewed by Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Stephen Loiaconi on how the media is treating Donald Trump:

Don Irvine, chairman of conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media, said Trump is a different kind of candidate, but standards of fairness must still apply.

“I think the candidates should be treated equally,” he said.

However, he acknowledged that Trump’s accessibility and his tendency to make newsworthy comments may lead to more coverage than the cautious, measured Clinton’s behavior demands.

Irvine believes it is difficult for reporters who dislike Trump to set that bias aside in their reporting. In recent coverage, he sees less fact-checking, less pressure, and fewer tough questions for Clinton.

“The media just has to realize you’ve got two candidates,” he said. “They’ve got to be covered as equally and fairly as possible, but I just don’t know that they have it in them to do so.”

One possible danger for the media is that getting wrapped up in trivial Trump controversies or displaying blatant bias could give him further ammunition to claim the press is rigged against him.

“That may be taking it too far in terms of using the word ‘rigged’… I’m not sure that the media is all that crazy about Hillary, but they prefer her more than Trump,” Irvine said.

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