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The Agence France-Presse reported yesterday a new phenomenon coming from Israeli media. The normally trenchant newspaper, radio and television news sources were reporting the violence in Gaza without the normal anti-Israel venom. The AFP, seeming shocked, went on the attack, citicizing the strange presence of news media that actually supports Israel, writing,

While international networks tagged the conflict “War in Gaza” and led with images of Palestinian casualties, Israeli channels called it “War in the South” and despatched their anchors to towns which have been hit by Hamas rockets.


The following day, Israel’s major newspapers hailed the surprise air strikes with front-page headlines such as “Better Late Than Never” in the largest circulation Yediot Aharonot and “Fighting Back” in the rival Maariv.

It’s sounds almost like the Israeli media is reporting the Gaza fighting as an Israeli defensive response to the thousands of Qassam rockets Hamas has been firing at Israeli towns and cities.

Wait a minute, this is Israel’s defensive action against Hamas’s rockets!

Perhaps the AFP and the rest of the biased media should start looking to Israel for decent reporting.

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