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Actress Maria Conchita Alonso joins Accuracy in Media’s “Take AIM” radio show Thursday, April 8, at 11:30 am Eastern, to respond to Sean Penn’s support for anti-American Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Penn recently implied that journalists in the U.S. should receive prison time for referring to Chavez as a dictator. In a March 3 appearance on HBO’s “Real Time,” Penn told host Bill Maher, “Truly, there should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.” (We’re sure Chavez would agree.)

Here are the highlights (or lowlights):

Alonso wrote in “An Open Letter to Sean Penn” posted at, “Being born in Cuba, a country where freedom of speech is non-existent, it’s startling to observe how Venezuela, where I was happily raised, is fast becoming Cuba’s mirror image: Dismantling of fundamental democratic rights deserved by its people and citizens of the world.”

Penn also said that Chavez had been democratically voted into power in “14 of the most transparent elections in the globe.”

Alonso replied, “I strongly recommend that you read a report by the U.S. State Department written in 2009 entitled ‘The Fraudulent Elections in Venezuela.'”

Alonso will follow an interview at 11:00 Eastern with Claudia Rosett, journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, on Iran, North Korea, and media coverage thereof.

Take AIM” airs at Click here to listen to this week’s episode. Be sure to take advantage of their automatic reminder feature — you won’t want to miss this!

Update: We have uploaded the interview to AIM’s Podcast section.

Click here to listen to Maria Conchita Alonso on “Take AIM.”

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