Accuracy in Media

Here is a fun exercise in media bias: go to, and search for “ClimateGate.”  Then, delete that term and write in “Salahis.”  Then compare.

Yes: as of today, Tuesday 8 December 2009, at 10:15 AM, has over fourteen times as many stories on Obama’s party crashers than on the biggest scientific scandal of this decade.  With eighty-four stories on the Salahis, and only six stories on ClimateGate, it is clear that ABC is going out of its way to ignore the evidence that could disprove global warming. 

This is truly astounding, because today at least, ABC is wasting valuable home page space to stories from decades ago.   One headlining article, “Bad Boys Grow Up To Be Sick Men,” details the findings of a study that was completed over a quarter century ago. 

The only front page story about Copenhagen, “Copenhagen: Creating a Climate for Conflict?” focuses on the importance of a climate change deal but does not even mention the ClimateGate emails that have cast shadows on the global warming assumption.

It appears that ABC would rather focus on tales of orphan diseases, PlayStations, and the infamous Salahi party crashers than on the story that could make or break major cap and trade legislation that would cripple the American economy indefinitely.

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