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The ABC News’ article on the Congressional Black Caucus mentioned how relations between Obama and the caucus were rocky, considering many lawmakers backed Hillary Clinton and Obama’s priorities didn’t match theirs:

For almost eight years, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus existed in the shadow of the first black president. They praised President Barack Obama’s achievements while at the same time pushing him to do more for their constituents who overwhelmingly supported his history-making campaign and administration.

But with Obama set to leave the White House on Jan. 20, black lawmakers in the House and Senate are recalculating and reassessing their place in Washington. And realizing they’re regaining the limelight as the most visible and powerful African-American politicians in the nation’s capital…

The caucus never had a perfect relationship with Obama, and several powerful members initially backed Hillary Clinton during Obama’s first run for president in 2008…

Caucus members said they walked a delicate line, wanting to get behind the first black president but also promoting their own priorities, which didn’t always seem to be on White House’s front burner.

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