Accuracy in Media

Get a handful of liberal activists to stalk corporate executives and the liberal media will be there in hordes and splatter the story on the front page. Rally hundreds of taxpayers to protest a persistent pattern of taxing and spending America into an economic tailspin and the liberal media will bury the news, if they cover it at all.

That’s what happened in Connecticut over the weekend.

Two leftist-funded groups, the Working Families Party and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, invited people to take an intimidation bus tour of the homes of AIG executives who are under fire for taking contractual bonuses. No good liberal protest, especially one inspired by a week’s worth of populist demagoguery, may go uncovered in feeding-frenzy fashion, so the press pack flocked to Connecticut. There were more reporters than protesters, but the Connecticut Post dutifully featured its story, sidebar and related photos about the protest on its Sunday front page. A video accompanies the online version of the story.

Elsewhere in Connecticut, some 300 people gathered for the latest “Tea Party” protest against government bailouts, stimulus spending and tax policy. The big-time journalists who followed ACORN and the Working Families Party on their brief bus tour paid the tax protesters no mind at all. The Connecticut paper covered the story, but readers could be forgiven if they missed it — or ignored it after reading the reporter’s dismissive “sounds like your average protest” lead.

That’s what they call fair and balanced news coverage in the liberal Northeast.

UPDATE: Get more perspective at Instapundit.

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