Accuracy in Media

There have been multiple excerpts of the book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign”, which detailed the shortcomings and failings of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Here are seven major takeaways from those excerpts:

  1. Hillary Clinton’s campaign did not do much, if any, polling in battleground states.
  2. Clinton apologized to Obama after she found out she lost the election, neglecting to publicly concede the race to Donald Trump (which she did the following day).
  3. She kept asking her staff why the white working class voters were not backing her.
  4. Clinton failed to define her message for herself, which led to broad messaging that never stuck with the American voters.
  5. She continued to stumble with her secret and private e-mail server hanging over her head and could never wave it away.
  6. Her speeches to Wall Street banks, in addition to the e-mail server, cast herself as a “lifetime insider.”
  7. She never changed her 2008 power structure, which hamstrung her campaign against Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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