Accuracy in Media

NBC News at least tried to figure out what the Democratic Party can do to resuscitate itself going into the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election. In their recent special report, entitled “Democrats: Left in the Lurch”, NBC News discussed how the party ignored the longtime white-collar, Southern and white American roots of the party and lost due to its focus on Millennials and the liberal northern states.

Here are some of the more interesting points that the report outlined and diagnosed as major problems for the party going forward:

  • Liberals congregate in cities and urban areas, which is self-gerrymandering and means Republicans can dominate in rural areas and use the Electoral College to their advantage
  • Gerrymandering by Republicans isn’t to blame for 2010 or any election since the Democrats and their supporters are already self-gerrymandering
  • NBC News believe Millennials will remain liberal as they age, as many Millennials are liberal now (just a conjecture at this point, is yet to be proven)
  • Democrats aren’t happy about equal proportions in the Senate, where each state gets two seats no matter the population of the state
  • Latinos are too concentrated in California to have an effect in the Electoral College
  • Democrats are split between going all-in on Ohio and blue-collar messaging or Arizona and messaging to Latinos
  • No guarantee that Democrats can win back the blue-collar working class voter

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